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Author: Eminent Contributors
Publisher: Punjabi University
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 117
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817300625X


Each major religion has gathered a huge mass of expository material which helps project its true image. The primary aim of this volume is to give the reader an idea of the fundamentals of the religion - Islam.

Islam is a major world-religion with has swayed the minds and hearts of a large section of mankind. The fascinating elements of Islam are : (i) the passionate belief in one God without a second and one who is the Creator of the Universe, full of power, mercy and goodness, and (ii) the utter subservience of the human will to the Divine will.

Prophet Muhammad never claimed to be more than a man. He felt an urge to lift up people from the quagmires of idol worship and to devote themselves to the worship of one God. He exhorted the people that they must give up the worship of their numerous gods and follow the Will of God. He preached simple but firm moral codes of kindness towards the poor and needy and loyalty to friends. He urged that they should devote their time in prayer and be sincere and faithful in their devotion to God.

The lofty character of Muhammad as a man of faith and action, has been a source of inspiration to the generations that followed. The Prophet of Islam directly death with social evils that stared him in face. He never separated political and spiritual aspects of life; he saw life as one whole. Muhammad did not engage himself in vain metaphysics, but rigorously strove to improve the social conditions of his people by regulations concerning cleanliness, sobriety, fasting and prayer. He esteemed alms-giving and charity.

With the history of over a thousand years of Islam behind them, many Indians are yet to make a serious effort to understand Islam and the ideas and ideals that move the heart and minds of Muslims. This book is an effort to create understanding and appreciation of Islam - the religion of peace.



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