The Hour of the Goddess

The Hour of the Goddess

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Author: Chitrita Banerji
Publisher: Seagull Books
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 119
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170461839


This comprehensive and scrupulously researched selection presents, in compact and lucid form, the major events and personalities of Gandhi's long public life. It is a brilliant book written with uncanny understanding of the times.

Food and cuisine are not just incidental to Bengal; they are essential to the Bengali’s mental and cultural landscape. Like in agricultural communities the world over, food and ritual, food and social custom, food and culture, are deeply imbricated. Women’s lives are closely bound up with the production and preparation of food.

This unusual book weaves a warm, evocative tapestry out of memories of food, ritual and women’s lives in Bengal. In the skilful hands of the author, who writes of growing up from girlhood to womanhood in her native land, food and ritual become intimate experiences which definitively shape day-to-day life for the women of that culture.

As memories of food preparation take shape, recalling associations of taste, smell and texture, a parallel thread of social commentary calls forth sharp observations; for example, how certain foods are ‘forbidden’ and what Bengali widows cannot eat.

Eminently readable, this volume combines rigorous research into food and cultural history, social critique, and the immediacy and intimacy of memoir



The Hour of the Goddess
Feeding the Gods
Patoler Ma
A Dose of Bitters
Food and Difference
Crossing the Borders
The Bonti of Bengal
Five Little Seeds
What Bengali Widows Cannot Eat
How Bengal Discovered ‘Chhana’
Food, Ritual and Art in Bengal