The Partial Memoirs of V K R V Rao

The Partial Memoirs of V K R V Rao

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Author: S L Rao
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 178
ISBN/UPC (if available): 019565823X


This book is a collection of the 'incomplete memoirs of the late V K R V Rao, edited by his nephew who provides a personal account of his impressions of ;his uncle and his work in a substantive introduction.

V K R V Rao remains one of the foremost Indian social scientists. An outstanding economist and well-known institution builder, he was at the center of policy-making in the country. He paved the way for research and training in economics and the social science. He is the founder of the Delhi School of Economics and the Institute of Economic Growth in Delhi, and the Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore. He also led the trend of economists embarking on a career in politics and the government.

This book is a collection of the incomplete memoirs of the late V K R V Rao. It includes accounts of his education, his tenure as Vice-Chancellor of Delhi University, and his ministerial days. The book provides little-known information about V K R V Rao’s personal life as well as his years as a student of Lord Keynes in Cambridge.

Rao lived through a critical time in independent India’s history when her route to development was charted. He worked in close association with the key players in India’s politico-economic policy-making such as Pandit Nehru, P C Mahalanobis, and much later, Indira Gandhi.

Unfortunately, V K R V Rao passed away before he could finish writing his memoirs, and even give these chapters a second glance. This volume provides an incomplete picture of his life, nevertheless giving rare insight into the personality of an outstanding economist who left his mark in many fields and became an institution in his lifetime.

The book includes writings by distinguished academics such as P N Dhar. C H Hanumantha Rao, G Thimmaiah, Uma Datta Roy Choudhury, and Ashish Bose, highlighting Rao’s contributions to various fields of applied economic research.

The account will interest general readers besides economists, policy-makers and political thinkers.




Early Days
College Days
A Vice Chancellor remembers : 1957-60
Fighting Elections
Ministerial Interlude
Chances I Missed
What Life has taught me


Founding the Delhi School of Economics
National Income Measurement in India
Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition
Population Research