Set at Odds -Set at Odds - Stories of the Partition and Beyond

Set at Odds -Set at Odds - Stories of the Partition and Beyond

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Author: Prafulla Roy
Translator: John W Hood
Publisher: Srishti
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 284
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187075775


The Stories in this volume dealing with the Partition of India and its continuing aftermath cover the whole of Prafulla Roy's creative life so far, including his first story as well as some of his most recent.

Roy looks beyond convenient communal labels to write about the essential humanity of people whose destinies, to varying extents, have been taken out of their hands by those who have propagated the politics of difference in the pluralist society of contemporary India. Roy is a master story teller with a gift for creating great moment out of seeming ordinariness. His characters are everyday, humble folk, whose predicaments are real and dramatic; their stories are told with an often disarming candor.

The translator John W Hood, an Australian scholar of Indian culture, earned his Ph.D. in Bengali historiography from the University of Melbourne. He has translated a variety of works from Bengali, and writes extensively on Indian art cinema.


Translator's Introduction
List of Months and Seasons

The Boatman

One King Goes and Another King Comes

The Island in the River

The Dream Train

Unlawful Entry

The Destination

For a Little While

Where There is no Frontier

The Father

The Foreigner