Glimpses of Veda and Vyakarana - Reflections on Some Less Familiar Topics

Glimpses of Veda and Vyakarana - Reflections on Some Less Familiar Topics

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Author: G V Devasthali
Publisher: Popular Prakashan
Year: 1985
Language: English
Pages: 208
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0861320875


This Felicitation Volume in honor of Professor R N Dandekar, the well known Sanskrit scholar and orientalist, carries articles on less familiar topics in the Vedas and Sanskrit Vyakarana contributed by his colleagues and admirers at the Centre of Advanced Study in Sanskrit at the Poona University.


Foreword by Dr. P.L. Vaidya
Curriculum Vitae of Prof, R.N. Dandekar
Writings of Prof, R.N. Dandekar

Paribhasa (Introduction and General Survey)

Sentence-Structure according to Panini

Patanjali's Interpretation of RV 10.71.2

Papmano Vinidhayah : Some Unknown and Less Known Words

The Rsikas (Female Seers) of the Rgveda

On the Galitas in the Padapatha as a Means of Rgvedic Interpretation

On the 'Mystic' Tutha

The Laukika, Vaidika and Yajnika Accentuation with the Munitraya of Sanskrit Grammar

Arya : an Accentual Study

Panini : a Statistical Picture of Sanskrit Sounds-I

Concept of Morality in the Avesta and Rgveda

On the Etymology of Indra


Elevation of the Sacrifice in the Brahmans

Philosophical Thoughts in the Aranyakas

Concept of Kavya in the Rgveda

Erotics in the Yajurveda

The Expressions Bhrgvangirasa maya (GB 1.2.9) and anga parvani (GB 2.1.2)

Parasara in the Vedic and Post-Vedic Literature

Datistan I Denik-Pursisn IV and V : a Study

Principal Abbreviations