A Simple Guide to Muslim Prayer

A Simple Guide to Muslim Prayer

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Author: Muhammad Mahmud Al-Sawwaf
Publisher: Goodword books
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 183
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187570261


An elegantly produced work on art paper and in two colors, this book is also an ideal presentation.

The book is divided in three parts. First part shows the place of prayer in Islam, second part details preparation for the prayer, and the concluding part shows how the prayer is performed.



1. Prayer, the pillar of region
2. The Spiritual influence of prayer
3. Prayer as a remedy for the heart
4. Unity and equality in prayer
5. The Judgment on one who renounces prayer
6. Expectation of the mercy of Allah
7. Rejected prayer
8. A weak argument


1. The meaning of prayer
2. Preparation for prayer
A - Cleanliness
1. General
2. Cleansing the body of impurity
3. How to perform the ritual ablution
4. Wiping the socks
5. Things which invalidate the ablution
6. Total ablution
7. What necessitates total ablution
8. How to carry out total ablution
9. Purification with earth, A description of the purification
10. Removing dirt

B - The times of prayer
1. General
a. The Morning prayer
b. The Noon prayer
c. The Afternoon prayer
d. The Sunset prayer
e. The Evening prayer
2. The call to prayer
3. A description of the call to prayer
4. The second call (iqama)
Notes :

C - Facing the direction of the Ka'bah
1. General
2. The rule when the direction of the Ka'bah cannot be determined
3. When the direction of the Ka'bah is not faced


1. General
2. The five prayers
3. The voluntary prayers
4. The Morning prayer
a. General
b. How the two rak'as are performed
5. The Noon prayer (zuhr)
a. General
b. How to perform the four rak'as
c. Important note
6. The Afternoon prayer (asr)
7. The Sunset prayer (maghrib)
8. The Evening prayer ('isha)
9. The witr prayer
10. Some important notes
11. The prostration of forgetfulness
12. Performance of the prayer by one who is sick
13. Congregational prayer
14. How the congregational prayer is performed
15. Prayer during a journey
16. Joining prayers together
17. The Friday prayer
a. General
b. How to perform the Friday prayer
18. The Prayer of the Two feasts
a. The Prayer of the Feast of the Breaking of the Fast('ID-al-Fitr)
b. The Prayer of the Feast of Sacrifice ('Id-al-Adha)
Important Notes
19. The Funeral prayer (janaza)
a. The first 'Words of Greatness'
b. The second 'Words of Greatness'
c. The third 'Words of Greatness'
d. The fourth 'Words of Greatness'
20. The prayer for Allah's Guidance (istikhara)
21. The prayer for the Eclipse of the Moon and the Eclipse of the Sun
a. The reason for the prayer for the Eclipse
b. How to perform the prayer of the Eclipse
c. Charity and forgiveness
22. Conclusion