The Unknown Hsuan-Tsang

The Unknown Hsuan-Tsang

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Author: D Devahuti
Editor: D Devahuti
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 184
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0195643720


This book stands out for its in-depth research on Hsuan-Tsang, a renowned Buddhist scholar who visited India in the seventeenth century AD.

Hsuan-Tsang is known as a Buddhist scholar who visited India in the seventeenth century AD. While his experiences and observations from these travels are well-documented and easily available to the English speaking world, there is a silence on the years that followed his return to China in AD.645. Works that translated Chines and Uigur text on the life of Hsuan-Tsang into German and French were in print as early as 1850s ,but have not been available to a wider audience.

This painstakingly researched book brings together a selection of the available material, translated in English. Devahuti's introduction and summary of life brings out in sharp focus, the contributions and impact of Hsuan-Tsang.

An inventory of the complete works of Hsuan-Tsang contained in the Korean Tripitaka has been made available in the appendix of this book.




Introduction : The Unknown Hsuan-Tsang

1. The Life of Hsuan-Tsang

2. Hsuan-Tsang, Prajna-Deva, Jnana-Prabha Correspondence

Part A : From the Chinese Text of the Life of Hsuan-tsang
Part B : From the Uigur Text of the Life of Hsuan-tsang

Letters of the Bibliography of Hsuan-tsang in Uigurish English translation of parts of Briefer der Uigurischen Huen-tsang Biographie by Annemarie Von Gabain :




3. Resume of Chapters Six - Ten of The Life
(Translated from the Histoire de la vie de Hiouen-thsang et de ses Voyages dans I'Inde by S. Julien)

Julien's Notes to His Resume of Life

4. The General Account of India in the Ta T' ANG HSI YU CHI (Records of the Western Lands of the Great T' ang Period)


The General Description of India

Kie-jo-kio-she-kwo (Kanyakubja)
Devahuti's Notes on Kanyakubja

Appendix : Inventory of the Complete works of Hsuantsang

Buddhist Texts Translated by Hsuan-tsang Listed in Chronological Order

Buddhist Texts Translated by Hsuan-tsang Listed in Alphabetical Order