The Civilized Demons: Harappans in Rgveda

The Civilized Demons: Harappans in Rgveda

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Author: Malati J Shendge
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Year: 1977
Language: English
Pages: 436
ISBN/UPC (if available): 978-0856554872


This book aims at completing the process of rational inquiry in Rgveda begun two century ago. It leaves behind myths and mystic experiences, simultaneously drawing the line between facts and fancy which has eluded the scholars.

Malti J Shendge, in this book, aims at showing how an interdisciplinary approach, combing the literal interpretation of Rgveda with the study of processes involved in the creation of myths and rendering of narratives of historical events into symbolic ones, emerge the historical events and social, political, economic and religious practices, which when correlated to archaeological material, leave little doubt about the possibility of the correctness of the approach.
In fact as the study amply demonstrates, the fresh air of reason may change our understanding of Rgveda and also of ancient Indian history. Rgvedic hymns from this view point, may probably prove to be a valuable source of information of the historical events which led to the downfall of the pre-Aryan Indus civilization. This is correlated to the archaeological material available on the Harappan sites

This book will definitely enhance our understanding of the rationality of the Rgveda.


List of Illustrations


1. Introductory
2. Methodology
3. Genisis of the Work

1. The Terms Asura and Deva
2. Asura Outside India
3. He Realtion between Rgveda and Avesta
4. Dasa and Dasyu
5. Pani

1. The Conflicts of Deva and Asuras
2. Indra and Parvata
3. Purbhid
4. Maya, Magic, Illusion
5 The Enemies of Indra
6. The Devasura conflict in the Brahmanas
7. Visnu of Wide Steps
8. Usana Kav
9. Vajra
10 The Puras in the Brahmanas
11. Raksoha Agni
12. The Religion of the Aruras
13. Life of the Asuras
14. Te Deva AsurairVijitya Suvargarh Lokam Ayan

1, Gandharva, the First Born
2. Hostility between the Devas and the Gandharvapsaras
3. Soma goes to the Devas
4. The home of the Gandharva and Soma

1. Yakas