Lord Curzon - The Last of the British Moghuls

Lord Curzon - The Last of the British Moghuls

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Author: Nayana Goradia
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 306
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0195643623


This volume presents a deft blending of history and psychology while narrating the life and times of Lord Curzon - the last British Moghuls in India.

Lord Curzon of Kedleston was the youngest viceroy to be sent out to India. Yet seven years later, he was to return home, his viceroyalty in a shamble, only to be dispossessed of the prime-ministership he thought was rightfully his.
Was this the result of some fatal flaw in his personality?

Nayana Goradia examines the effect on Curzon on being continually feted throughout his childhood, first by his adoring mother, and then by his male teachers and fellow students. Though he later rose to every challenge, his narcissism was to pursue him throughout adulthood with tragic results.

This book is a reliable contribution to Anglo-Indian history. The deft handling of history and psychology makes it a very interesting book, a book that deserve to be widely read.


Preface to the Paperback Edition
List of Illustrations

The Victorian Scene
Kedleston Hall
Imagined Tormentors
Golden Years at Wixenford and Eton
Eros Encountered
Oxford and politics
Tales of Travel
George and Mary
Fin de siecle India
'We might as well be Monarchs'
In Princely India
An Imperialist and a Gentleman
The Giant Awakes
'They Call Him Imperial George'
A Fateful Appointment
The Partition of Bengal
A Humiliating Retreat

Ancestry of Curzon of Kedleston
Notes and References