The Modern Pushtu Instructor

The Modern Pushtu Instructor

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Author: Qazi Rahimullah Khan
Editor: H L Ogden
Publisher: Asian Educational Services
Year: 1992
Language: English
Pages: 343
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8120605845


The book is a valuable contribution to Pushtu literature and will be of great help in mastering the language. The author has collected and classified the vocabulary of the various Pathan tribes like the Afridis, the Mohmands and others.

The need for a new Pushtu hand-book became imperative since the Board of Examiners raised the standard of Military Examinations in this language. The previous manuals and grammars, good as they were in their day, did not fulfill modern requirements. The grammar, syntax rules, and exercises in this Manual are entirely original and have been designed to ensure that the student gains a knowledge of Pushtu as spoken by genuine Pathans.

The author has left out nothing that a Pushtu Manual should contain and the students of Pushtu Grammar will find in it all that they require for the proper understanding of the idiom and the spirit of the people who use the language. The author has collected such proverbs as are commonly used by the Pathan as he sits in his Hujra (club) and effort has been made to supply their equivalent in English.

The manual has been arranged in two parts. Part I deals with Grammar, and Part II with Prose Composition.


Authors Preface




Section 1. Alphabet

Section 2 Reading and Writing Exercises

Section 3 Personal Possessive Pronouns

Section 4 Use of Prepositions and Post-propositions

Section 5 Nouns

Section 6 Adjectives

Section 7 Numerals

Section 8 Pronouns

Section 9 The Verb

Class I Regular Transitive with diagram

Class II Regular Intransitive with diagram

Class III Irregular transitive

Class IV Irregular Intransitive

Class V Compound transitive

Class VI Compound intransitive

Class VII Irregular in present and derivative tenses only

Section 10 Rules of Syntax

Section 11 Parts of Speech


Section 12 Exercises

Section 13 Common Idiomatic sentences