The Riddle of Ganesha

The Riddle of Ganesha

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Author: Rankorath Karunakaran
Publisher: Book Quest Publishers
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 96
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186025006


This profusely illustrated work in large format and on art paper traces the history of Ganesha cult and Worship seeks to give a perspective of this ancient cult prevalent from the earliest times in the sub-continent.

There are about ninety one different figures of Ganesha according to the estimate of research scholars. The details of their make up vary from figure to figure with no changer in the main set up. It is in the enigma of certain striking variations in detail that the sublime in the figures of Ganesha has to be sought for.

The elephant-faced-Deity of the Hindus known popularly as Ganesha has intrigued all thinking men all over the world, all through the ages even unto the present day. They are puzzled as to how a cultured class of people going by the name of Hindus could have denigrated themselves by worshipping this funny looking elephant-faced-Deity giving him an eminent status in their pantheon. He reverence and devotion for him in India and also elsewhere have not abated even in these days of free thinking and rationalism. He is invoked by all classes of orthodox Hindus in all walks of life for success in their endeavors and thanked profusely after success.

Ganesha being a composite image we have to study the parts involved in his make up to understand the concept behind his image, how it was evolved and what it stands for.

Ganesha obviously is a design meant to convey a profound meaning. But owing to the play of ignorance a great deal of ritualism has sprung around him clouding the meaning of his design and form. It behoves one and all who is in search of knowledge to probe into the deeper meaning behind Ganesha's funny form.



Foreword by H H Dr. E Nandiswara Nayake Thero

Ganesh the Sumukha

Ganesha and the Elephant

Ganesha and the Serpent

Ganesha and his Mount

Ganesha and Shiva

Ganesha and Yoga

Ganesha and Psychic Centres

Ganesha and Mystical Terms

Ganesha and 'Om'

Ganesha in the Hindu Pantheon

Ganesha and his Idol

Ganesha and his Lambodaram

Ganesha and his Worship

Ganesha and his Martyrdom

Ganesha and Mythology

Ganesha and Karthikeya

Ganesha and his Festival

Shree Ganesh Atharva Sheersha

One thousand names of Lord Ganesha