Three Novels

Three Novels

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Author: Amit Chaudhuri
Publisher: Picador India
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 454
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0330482750


An omnibus including three novels of well-known Indian fiction writer Amit Chaudhuri, winner of the Los Angeles Times Book award for Fiction.

This collection includes three novels ‘ A Strange and Sublime Address’, ‘Afternoon Raag’, and ‘Freedom Song’ authored by widely acclaimed Indian fiction writer Amit Chaudhuri.


A Strange and Sublime Address:

Funny, delicate, sensuous. Made me laugh aloud. The best portrait of India Today I’ve read.
- Margaret Drabble

This evocation of the routine, quotidian magic of normality strikes me as an extraordinary thing to have brought off. Mesmerizing.
- John Lanchester, Vogue

I read the novel at one sitting and enjoyed it immensely.
- Satyajit Ray

Chaudhuri writes precisely, carefully, trying to capture in the rhythms of his prose the faded happiness of thins, the strange, pure remembered moments. Pure evocative beauty.

- Colm Toibin and Carmen Callil in The Modern Library: 200 Best novels in English since 1950

Afternoon Raag:

Enchanting, studded with moments of beauty more arresting than anything to be found in a hundred busier and more excitable narratives. Chaudhuri has proved that he can write better than just about anyone of his generation.
- Jonathan Coe, London Review of Books

This immensely subtle novel both estranges and gently evokes the surface of English and Indian life. I know of nothing in English fiction that resembles it.
- Tom Palin

Freedom Song:

An immensely gifted writer. His novels are crammed with breathtaking sentences, sharp characterizations, comic set pieces and melancholy grace notes.
- New York Times Book Review

Chaudhuri writes about India like no one else. Exquisite and supremely haunting, a work of contemporary fiction by a world-class writer.
- Robert McCrum, Observer

Praise for the author:

No lover of literature will fail to love these vivid novels by a master of prose.
- Annie Dillard

To read Chaudhuri is to offer yourself the unmitigated pleasure of being in the company of the absolutely first rate, to see again the possibilities of the novel as an art form.
- Jim Harrison

Chaudhuri’s languorous, elliptical, beautiful prose is impressively impossible to place in any category at all.
- Salman Rushdie

Hose who are always acclaiming the ‘poetic prose’ of Ondaatje would do well to study Chaudhuri’s language. Again and again, he produces the perfect adjective, the stupendous adverb. radiantly exact.
- James Wood, Guardian

Like Van Gogh, he can even invest the bed and the chairs of an exile’s room with a radiant life of their own. A sublime impressionist.
- Boyd Tonkin, New Statesman


This omnibus edition includes following novels of Amit Chaudhuri:

1. A Strange and Sublime Address

2. Afternoon Raag

3. Freedom Song