Akbar and His India

Akbar and His India

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Author: Irfan Habib
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2000/2005
Language: English
Pages: 315
ISBN/UPC (if available): 978-0-19-564632-0


The 1992 national celebrations of the 450th birth anniversary of Akbar provided a much-needed impetus to research on Akbar and his times, and some of the results of such research are brought together in this volume.


This volume bears the imprint of a scholarship that has become unfashionable in these post-modern times. Collectively the articles provide the most authentic and representative statement on Akbar to date.
- Parvathi Menon, Frontline

A Welcome volume, for no recent work has given much attention to the subjects considered here.
- Catherine B Asher, The journal of Asian Studies

What the book does, it does very well and is marked by the thoroughness of scholarship and editing that characterize book the books of Habib.
- Pratibha Iyer, Indian Review of Books

Can it be that Akbar was to India in the 16th century what Habib is to medieval Indian history today.
- Sanjay Subrahmanyam, India Today


Editorial Note

* Akbar’s initial Encounters with the Chiefs: Accident vs. Design in the Process of subjugation - Ahsan Raza Khan

* Akbar and the Rajput Principalities: Integration into Empire - S Inyat A Zaidi

* Akbar’s Annexation of Singh – An interpretation - Sunita Zaidi

* The Mughal Annexation of Singh – A Diplomatic and Military History
- Fatima Bilgrami

* Disappearance of Coin Minting in the 1580? - A Note on the Alf Coins
- Najaf Haider

* Akbar’s Farmans – A Study in Diplomatic - Iqbal Husain

* Akbar’s Personality Traits and World Outlook–A Critical Appraisal - Iqtidar Alam Khan

* Akbar and the Jains - Pushpa Prasad

* Science and Superstition under Akbar and Jahangir: The observation of Astronomical Phenomena - Shireen Moosvi

* Scientific Concepts in Abu’l Fazl’s A in-i Akbari - Iqbal Ghani Khan

* Akbar and Technology - Irfan Habib

* Painting under Akbar as Narrative Art - Som Prakash Verma

* Revisiting Fatehpuri Sikri – An Interpretation of Certain Buildings
- S Ali Nadeem Rezavi

* The Image of Akbar as a Patron of Music in Indo-Persian and Vernacular Sources
- Francoise Nailini Delvoye

* The Perception of India in Akbar and Abu’l Fazl - M Athar Ali

* Middle Bengali :Literature: A Source for the Study of Bengal in the Age of Akbar
- Aniruddha Ray

* The Sikh Movement During the Reign of Akbar - J S Grewal

* Akbar and Portuguese Maritime Dominance - K S Mathew


* A Farman of Akbar (1558) from the Period of Regency

* Three Early Farmans of Akbar, in Favor of Ramdas, the Master Dyer

* An Estimate of Revenues of the Decca Kingdoms, 1591

* A Dutch Memoir of 1603 on Indian Textile


* Muhammad Ghausi Shattari: Gulzar-i Abrar

* Arif Qandahari: Tarikh-i Akbari

* Shireen Moosvi Episodes in the life of Akbar

* John F Richards The Mughal Empire

* Sanjay Subrahmanyam Money and the Market in India

* Som Prakash Verma Mughal Painters and their Work

* Iqatidar H Siddiqui Sher Shah Sur and his Dynasty

* Sukumar Ray Bairam Khan

* Amina Okada Imperial Mughal Painters

* Margaret H Case Govindadeva: A Dialogue in Stone