Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking

Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking

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Author: Ankit Fadia
Publisher: Macmillan
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 608
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0333 93679 5


This volume explains how to identify hackers out to destroy systems, data and cyber privacy and provides tips on ways to avoid falling into the trap laid by real culprits. Reading through it is a unique learning experience, which is a must to survive in the new wired age.

People all over the world are fascinated by 'Hacking' and 'How hackers work?' but have no real concrete reading resource to build their knowledge base upon. In this book, we finally have the ultimate resource, which explores all aspects of computer security, without holding anything back.

Basing his research on his own experiences and readings, Ankit Fadia has formulated ways in which to identify the real hacker, who is out to destroy systems and thus avoid the loss of data and privacy.

He has very meticulously dealt with the nuances of the 'hacker' and the 'cracker', along with tips on how to recognize the real culprits and not fall into their traps unknowingly.

Reading through this work is a unique learning experience, which is a must to survive in the new wired age.


- Most comprehensive and exhaustive book on computer security

- Gives an in-depth look into hacking techniques

- Throws light on unexplored horizons of networking and hacking

- Covers even the undocumented aspects of computer security

- Presents even the advanced concepts in an easy to understand, newbie friendly manner


"It is indeed delightful to read a book written by one so young, dealing with a topic, which is yet explored and often overlooked, but which is yet so relevant. He has covered the entire field of hacking, which will redefine the way we think about computer technology. Ankit has also provided the reader with the fundamental information, needed to stay alert and knowledgeable in this fast moving world.

Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking offers practical, useful help to anyone interested in computers, seeking a clear and better way in the field." - Dr Shyma Chona, Principal,, Delhi Public School, New Delhi


"The Media has painted all hackers as evil. But the evil ones are 'crackers'. They use their knowledge for criminal activities. Hackers are actually with the systems administrators, web masters and the establishment. They use their skills to point out security flaws in websites. In the USA, security firms keep hackers on their payroll to ensure that their network is "hack-proof'. But in India, hackers is a dirty word." - The Statesman, New Delhi

"He honed his skills over a two-year period by hacking into Websites of Indian computer magazines. He said he called this ethical hacking because both he and the
victims learned lessons. Would tell the magazine editors about it, and they would thank me." - News.Com

"Just like you need some virus in your body to develop an immunity mechanism, hackers are necessary to protect your net work Hackers are Sherlock Holmes of the Net." - Hindustan Times, New Delhi




So who is a Hacker Anyway?

Finding Information on the Net

Hacking Windows

Advanced Windows Hacking

Getting Your Hands Wet: Net Tool I

Exploring Remote Systems: Net Tools II

A Guide for Webhackers: Net Tools III

Getting Past the Password

Batch File Programming

TCP/IP: A Mammoth Description

Hacking Concepts: A Deeper Approach

How does a Virus Work? Part I

How does a Virus Work? Part II

The Perl Manual

The C Programming Language

Nasty Scripts and Hostile Applets

Appendix: Some More Net Tools