The Living of a Gursikh - Deluxe Edition

The Living of a Gursikh - Deluxe Edition

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Author: S J S Pall
Publisher: B Chattar Singh Jiwan Singh
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 336
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8176014141


Originally published in Punjabi and Hindi, this English translation has adopted the Question-Answer style so as to elaborate views about the various aspects of the living of a Gursikh.

It has been a long felt need to have such literature in simple language which can apprise the new generation of Sikh Religion, Culture, Values and Way of Living. By writing this book on the living of a Gursikh, the author has performed this task in an ideal manner. In the introductory chapte3r, he has given basic information regarding Sikh Religion and a comparative study of this Religion with other prominent Religions of our country. In the subsequent chapters, he has touched on almost all aspects of life covering various stages right from the childhood till death. He has given useful information and certain suggestions in an effective manner.

The younger ones of Sikh families and those who are desirous of knowing the traditions and values, the rites and customs of Sikh Religion will stand benefited by reading this book.


SURINDERJIT SINGH 'PALL' belongs to a devout Sikh family and has always been keen to spread the message of the Masters. He has studied the Sikh religion with deep interest and has shared his knowledge with his readers to enlighten their mind. He has written many valuable books including The Master and the Word Divine


* Sikhism and Other Religions
* Living of a Gursikh - Sources of Information
* The Birth and Childhood of a Sikh
* From Childhood to Adulthood
* Means of Livelihood
* Marriage Ceremonies and Married Life
* Daily Routine and Basic Necessities of Life
* Baptizement and the Code of Conduct
* Guru Granth Sahib - Service and Maryada
* Personal and Spiritual Life
* The Last Phase of Life
* The Propogation of Sikh Religion