The Making of History - Essays Presented to Irfan Habib

The Making of History - Essays Presented to Irfan Habib

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Author: K N Panikkar
Publisher: Tulika
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 678
ISBN/UPC (if available): 818522918X


As a mark of esteem and affection for Irfan Habib, scholars in India and abroad have come together to offer him this volume. The festschrift reflects the range of Irfan Habib's interests and contributions in great measure.

As Marxist scholar and historian, Irfan Habib has been a towering presence on the Indian intellectual scene for over four decades. His truly formidable intellectual reputation, already firmly established in the sixties with the publication of 'The Agrarian System of Mughul India', gained in depth in the succeeding years, as the boundaries of professional specialization were broken.

This volume includes essays by not only historians but also political scientists and economist, not only those specializing in the medieval period but also theorists of modern India, theorists of culture and socialist systems.


K N PANIKKAR was Professor of History at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, until recently.

TERENCE J BYRES is Professor of Political Economy in the University of London and has been teaching at the School of Oriental and African Studies for many years.

UTSA PATNAIK is Professor of Economics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, where she has been teaching since 1973.



Irfan Habib


The Rgveda: Encapsulating Social Change
Aryanization of the Indus Civilization
Feudal Social Formation in India History


Muskets in the Mawas: Instruments of Peasant Resistance
Witnessing Transition: Views on the End of the Akbari Dispensation
Levelling or Differentiation? Production and Appropriation Relations in Mughal India
Rural and Urban Caste Structure in Eighteenth-Nineteenth Century India: The Deccan and Gujarat
Palashi: The Inside Story of a Betrayal


Pre-capitalist Economic Formations and Differential Agricultural Productivity: A Tentative Hypothesis
Workers and the Historians’ Burden
The Indian Economic Experience 1600-1900: A Quantitative Study
New Estimates of Eighteenth-Century British Trade and Their Relation to Transfers from Tropical Colonies


Modernity and its Philosophic Visions
Postmodernism in History
Realism and the Syntax of Difference: Narratives of the Bengal Famine
Archaeology and Nationalism: The Case of Medieval Gaur
The Rural Artist and Secular Culture in the Era of Globalization


Culture, Nationalism and Communal Politics
India’s Partition Revisited
Class, Clientelism and Communal Politics in Contemporary Bangladesh
Ayodhya: A Review of the Archaeological Evidence


State Enterprise Reform and the Political Economy of Transition
A Simple Model of an Imaginary Socialist Economy


Irfan Habib: A List of Publications