The Professor of Light

The Professor of Light

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Author: Marina Budhos
Publisher: IndiaInk
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 254
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186939083


A gripping depiction of the intense bond between a father and a daughter - a father who is driven mad in his quest to understand light, and a devoted daughter who risks falling off the edge with him. It is a novel of passion and logic, one that illuminates what it means to grow up and to grow apart.

This novel is the story of young Meggie Singh and her father, a charming befuddled professor of philosophy from the Caribbean. Meggie grows from childhood to the brink of being an adult, groomed by her father in a rich mix of philosophy and storytelling which illuminates the lost history of her family scattered over India, Guyana, America and England.

Now older, she learns to recognize the scratchy of his pen on paper, the curves of his thoughts, as he struggles to write a book on the nature of light. The paradox of light, both particle and wave, comes to resonate with the larger questions of identity and imagination, of belonging and moving on.