The Last President

The Last President

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Author: Suresh Chopra
Publisher: Sasa Publishers
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 465
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


A Political novel of secrecy, intrigue and suspense set in the backdrop of AD 2007-08.

An asteroid of frightening dimensions has been sighted by NASA'S futuristic telescope, the Advance Warning Surveillance System, AWSS. Its target planet Earth! Doomsday is September 29, 2008. With no change in the trajectory of the asteroid by the cut-off date - October 24, 2007, it becomes evident that absolute annihilation of human civilization is at hand. This is it, says President Robert H Farley of the United States in his television address to the worldwide audience.

Panic overtakes much of the globe. Suicides, rioting, mob violence, rapes, clearing out of bank accounts, absenteeism from workplaces, becomes the order of the day. To make matters worse, a mysterious explosion destroys the Space Telescope Science Institute, STSA, at Baltimore, which is Earth's sole link with the AWSS and the oncoming asteroid, minutes after President Robert Foley had visited the facility prior to his television address.

But experts hold out a ray of hope in the shape of a forty-layered Nuclear Shield which if established in space on the path of the asteroid will spare the planet the horrendous fate that awaits it. For this, the US President demands that each of the forty nuclear powers divest themselves of their nuclear arsenals and delivery systems.

In the midst of all this Roy Redfield, the dashing, philandering ace anchorman of CNN, receives a cryptic unsigned note, from which emanates the fragrance of one of the world's most expensive perfumes called Bombshell, priced at $ 100,000 per bottle, in which the writer, a woman, warns him of a plot being hatched by people very close to the President to assassinate the 39 year old President Robert Farley.

The big question confronting Roy Redfield is: Who is the would-be assassin(s)? Roy Redfield's trail takes him to various corners of the globe, and even compels him to pander to the demands of a homosexual Swiss banker, to ferret out the secrets he so desperately seeks to unearth.

A secret that climaxes in an utterly shattering truth, a truth that makes the very marrow in his bones to jelly...