Civil Lines 4 - New Writings from India

Civil Lines 4 - New Writings from India

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Author: Rukun Advani
Publisher: Permanent Black
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 187
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8178240122


With this number, a respected literary title is back on the Bookshelf after a lapse of 3 years. In their introduction, editors say that Civil Lines wasn't dead, just sleeping. For those who can't remember the name, Civil Lines 4 will come as an exciting debut.

New Writings from India included in this issue are:

Kai Friese / Liver is not Mutton
Tenzing Sonam / A Stranger in My Native Land
Shashank Kela / Bougainvillea - Intimations
Brijraj Singh / Data; Or, My Father's Will
Sheila Dhar / A Taste of British Guinea / The Taming of Raga Adana - The Harmonium
Arvind Krishna Mehrotra / Four Poems by Kabir
Ambarish Satwik / The parable of Mr Paranjpe