Materials and Techniques of Ancient Wall Paintings of Sri Lanka

Materials and Techniques of Ancient Wall Paintings of Sri Lanka

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Author: O P Agarwal
Nanda Amara Wickramasinghe/
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 175
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175741287


Sri Lanka has a rich and long tradition of wall paintings, starting from prehistoric times, transversing the historical period up to the present day. The wall painting in Sri Lanka are found in monasteries, temples, palaces and residences. The historic context of the Sri Lankan paintings has been studied in great detail by several authors, but little was known about the materials and techniques of execution of these important works of art. The present book is an attempt to collect and present all the known information on this vast subject. Our own researches formed the basis for this information.

The Book first of all gives an account of construction of the paintings and thereafter describes the known techniques of paintings as found in the world. In one Chapter the materials and techniques of wall painting sin different sites like Sigiriya, Anuradhapaur, Polonaruwa, Dambulla and other places are described. The last chapter summarizes the materials and techniques of wall paintings all over Sri Lanka and sums up the situation as at the present movement. Scientific techniques useful for analysis of wall paintings are given in Appendix.


History of the Paintings
Techniques of Painting
Materials and Techniques
Sigiriya Main Cave
Sigiriya Asana Guhava
Mahintale relic chamber
Mahiyangana relic chamber
Tivanka Image House
Degaldoruwa Rajamaha Vihara
Hindagala Rajamaha Vihara
Bambaragala Rajamaha Vihara
Bambaragala Rajamaha Vihara
Suriyagoda Rajamaha Vihara
Ridi Vihara
Dambulla Rajamaha Vihara (Cave No.2)
Kelani Rajamaha Vihara
Ambulugala Vihara
Telwatta Purana Vihara
Samudragiri Vihara
Mulgirigal Rajamahga Vihara
Valalgoda Rajamaha Vihara

Appendix-Methodology of Analysis