Madhava Nidanam  (Roga Viniscaya) of Madhavakara  ( A treatise on Ayurveda)

Madhava Nidanam (Roga Viniscaya) of Madhavakara ( A treatise on Ayurveda)

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Author: Madhava
K R Srikantamurthy/
Publisher: Chaukhambha Orientalia
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 329
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


This treatise, Roga Viniscaya , is more popularly known as Madhava Nidana after the name of its author. It is counted as the first among the Laghu Trayi (the lesser triad) of Ayurvedic literature.

It is considered as the ideal book dealing with Nosology (knowledge of diseases) and has earned appraise for its author as Madhava is best for Nidana. It has retained its importance as a text-book on the subject since the last thirteen centuries.

It enjoyed great reputation as an authoritative text not only in India but even in other countries as can be judged by its translation into other languages and many commentaries.


1. The earliest translation of Madhava Nidana, so far known, is to Arabic language done by the scholars of the court of Caliph Harun-al-Radhid of Persia who ruled between 768-809 A D. Many Indian medical treatises were translated under his orders but none of them are available now. They are only known by their mention in the works of later authors.

2. The Second translation is to Italian by Mario Vallauri and published in Florence during
1913-14 a d. this translation is only for the first five chapters.

3. Translations into almost all major Indian languages have been made during the previous and the present centuries.

4. Its first translation into English is by G J Meulendbeld in 1974 and published from Leiden.





Panca Nidana Laksanam
Jwara Nidanam (Fevers)
Arisara Nidanam (Diarrhoeas)
Grahani Nidanam (Diseases of the duodenum)
Arsas Nidanam (Haemorrhoids)
Agnimandya-Ajirna-Visucika-Alasaka-Vilambika Nidanam (Dyspepsia, Indigestion etc.)
Kriomiroga Nidanam (Parasitic diseases)
Panduroga-Kamala-Kumbhakamala-Halimaka Nidanam (Anaemia, Jaundiece, Hepatitis)
Raktapitt Nidanam (Haemorrhagic diseases)
Rajayaksma-Ksataksina Nidanam (Pulmonary tuberculosis, wasting diseases. Etc.)
Kasa Nidanam (Caughs)
Hikka, Swasa Nidanam(Hiccups, Dyspnoeas)
Swara Bheda Nidanam (Hoarseness)
Arocaka Nidanam (Anorexia)
Chardi Nidanam (Vomitting)
Trsna Nidanam (Thirst)
Murcha-Bhrama Nidra, Tandra, Sannyasa Nidanam (Fainting, Giddiness, Stupor and loss of consciousness)
Panatyaya-Paramada-Panajirna-Panavibhrama Nidanam (Alcoholic intoxication)
Daha Nidanam (Burning sensation of the body)
Unmada Nidanam (Insanity)
Apasmara Nidanam (Epilepsy)
Vatavyadhi Nidanam (Diseases of nervous system)
Vatarakta Nidanam (gout)
Urusthambha Nidanam (Stiffness of the legs)
Amavata Nidanam (Rheumatism)
Sula-Parinama sula- Annadrava sula Nidanam (Colic, Peptic ulcers)
Udavarta-Anaha Nidanam (Reverse peristalisis-flatulence etc.)
Gulma Nidanam (Abdominal tumors)
Hrdroga Nidanam (Diseases of the heart)
Murtrakrchara Nidanam (Suppression of urine)
Asmari Nidanam (Vesical calculus)
Prameha, Prameha Pidaka Nidanam (Diabetes, Corbuncles)
Medo roga Nidanam (Obesity)
Udara roga Nidanam (Enlargemnt of the abdomen)
Sotha roga Nidanam (Oedema, Anasarca)
Vrddhi roga Nidanam (Swelling of the scrotum)
Galaganda, Ganda mala, Apaci, Granthi, Arbuda Nidanam (Cervival Lymphadenom, Scrofula, Goiter, Tumors and Cancer)
Slipada Nidanam (Filariasis)
Vidradhi Nidanam (Abscesses)
Vranasotha Nidanam (Inflammatory swelling)
Sariravrana Nidanam (Organic ulcers)
Sadyovrana Nidanam (Traumatic ulcers)
Bhagna Nidanam (Fractures of bones)
Nadivrana Nidanam (Sinus ulcers)
Bhagandara Nidanam (Festula-in-ano)
Upadamsa Nidanam (Veneral diseases)
Suka dosa Nidanam (Diseases of the penis)
Kustha Nidanam (Leprosy, skin diseases)
Sitapitta, Udarda, Kotha Nidanam (Skin rashes, Allergy etc.)
Amlapitta Nidanam (Hyperchlorhydria, Gastritis)
Visarpa Nidanam(Erysepelas)
Visphota Nidanam (Small pox)
Masurika Nidanam (Chicken pox, Measles)
Ksudra roga Nidanam (Minor Diseases)
Mukha roga Nidanam (Diseases of the mouth)
Karna roga Nidanam(Diseases of the ear)
Nasa roga Nidanam (diseases of the nose)
Netra roga Nidanam (diseases of the eye)
Siro roga Nidanam (Diseases of the head)
Asrgdara Nidanam (Menorrhagia)
Yonivyapat Nidanam (Vaginal tumors)
Mudha garbha Nidanam (Abnormal pregnancy, foetal presentation etc.)
Sutika roga Nidanam (Diseases of the peurperum)
Stana roga Nidanam ( Diseases of the breast)
Stanya dusti Nidanam (Diseases of Children)
Bala roga Nidanam (Diseases of children))
Visa roga Nidanam (Diseases due to poison)
Visayanukramanika (Contents of the treatise)

APPENDIX I: Salient points from Madhukosa commentary.
APPENDIX II: Mithyahara vihara
APPENDIX III: Comparisons of lesions
APPENDIX IV: Modern equivalents of diseases