Selected Stories from Gujarat

Selected Stories from Gujarat

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Author: Sarla Jagmohan
Translator(s): Sarla Jagmohan
Publisher: Jaico
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 209
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172249551


This translated collection of sixteen short stories by sixteen different writers brings to you the best in current Gujarati literature. The selection of writers and stories meant a protracted period of going through nearly seventy volumes.

If we are to have national integrity we must understand each other, and if people are to understand each other they must understand each other’s cultural background. One of the most important means of understanding is to know each other’s literature. With this aim in view, Jaico presents to you in this volume a selection of Gujarati short stories, selected and translated by Sarla Jagmohan. Being the daughter of an eminent Gurarati writer, Sunderaji Betai, she naturally grew in the company of his writer friends. She brings to you a juicy selection that will entertain you, as well as give a glimpse of Gujarati culture.



Biographical Notes

Smoke Rings

Barren Lives

On the Mountain-Heights

The Darkness Descends

Bhaiya Dada

The Queen of Night


A Small Matter

To the Ultimate End

The Snake Charmer

Gomati Ma

The Curse of God

The Lame and The Blind


Goodness in Disguise

The Fish is Thirsty