Brain Re-Engineering - The Art of Being Mentally Tough

Brain Re-Engineering - The Art of Being Mentally Tough

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Author: N S Srinivasan
G Balasubramanian/
Publisher: Sage Publications
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 212
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0761997202


This futuristic and truly thought provoking book uses a unique methodology to discuss a range of contemporary management issues, especially those relating to organizational change and innovation.

The authors have conceptualized a unique neurobiological framework which is designed to rejuvenate human ingenuity, and to help solve the overwhelming range of economic and existential problems that individuals face on a day to day basis.

Written in a simple and engaging style, the authors maintain that their novel framework, based on brain processes, can play a critical role in solving problems and facing the challenges that threaten to engulf organizations in the current competitive environment.

Fundamental issues like ethics, discipline and human growth have been addressed empirically for the first time. Based on a verifiable scientific hypothesis, the book rigorously draws from a vast gamut of subjects including physics, quantum mechanics, neuroscience, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, management theory and practices, and Indian philosophy.

In addition, the authors address important questions such as:

What is learning and how to build a leaning organization

How to gain expertise and grow in one’s profession

How to go beyond competition

How to manage, overcome and annihilate stress

How to become and be mentally touch

How to live a holistic life

Overall, this book provides a unique conceptual scaffold that focuses on seminal issues which underlie inspiration (a crucial ingredient for change), creativity and sustainable innovation.

Comprehensively addressing issues of human growth and very practical in its approach, this book will be of enormous interest to strategic thinkers and decision makers in all organizations, big or small, as well as students and parishioners in the areas of organizational behavior, and strategic and general management. It will also be of interest to sports professionals, counselors, mental health parishioners, and educators.