Globalization, Hindu Nationalism and Christians in India

Globalization, Hindu Nationalism and Christians in India

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Author: Lancy Lobo
Publisher: Rawat Publications
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 240
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817033716X


This book deals with a problematique by examining the position of the Christian minority group in India within the fast changing socio-economic milieu of the subcontinent.

In the present-day context of growing economic fundamentalism triggered by the process of globalization and rising religious fundamentalism needed to redefine changing identities, the micro as well as macro level politics has emerged as a complex arena of analysis.

It argues that marginalization of the minority groups through legitimization of a reductionist religio-economic model has been on the rise. And, the brunt of this heady mix of economic and religious fundamentalism is borne by the poor, the underclass and the minorities who may eventually be left out of the modernization project altogether. This may perhaps create two contrasting sets of the globalization process.




Introduction: The Harvest of Hatred

Hinduism and Hindu Nationalism in India

Hindutva Script on Christians in India

Globalization and Hindu Nationalism

Christian Response to Hindu Nationalism

Globalization, Hindu Nationalism and Christianity


Incidents of Violence Against the Christian Community in India

The Gujarat Freedom of Religion Bill, 1999

The Different Wings of RSS

Letter from Mumbai

Merger of Multinational Corporations Under Globalization

The Dangerous Missionaries Activities

Bishop Seeks President’s Intervention

Guru Dakshina from a Sanatani Hindu

A Sincere Message to the Christians of India