Muslim Society in India  (712-1200 AD)

Muslim Society in India (712-1200 AD)

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Author: Jafri Begum
Publisher: Kanishka Publishers
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 156
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8173915229


Muslims form an integral part of the Indian society. This work endeavours to show not only the contribution of the Muslims in the making of the culture of the India famous for its diversity, but also to show how the Muslim in India during the period 712 A D to 1200 A d was different from his counterparts elsewhere in the world as a result of the influence of this very Indian Culture.

This work is a study of Muslim society in India during the period 712 A d to 1200 A d. It is divided into six chapters. Chapter one deals with several aspects of social life like marriage, position of women, education, etc. Chapter two is concerned with economic life, agriculture, trade and commerce, professions and occupations, coinage etc.

Religion forms the subject of Chapter Three in which Principles of Islam, religious code, etc. are discussed. Various aspects of education are dealt with in Chapter Four. On Chapter Five civil administration is taken up. Art, Architecture and town planning are detailed in Chapter Six. A select bibliography at the end is useful for those who want to pursue the subject in greater detail.




Social Life
Economic Life
Civil administration
Art, Architecture and Town Planning