The Black Book of Gujarat

The Black Book of Gujarat

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Author: M L Sondhi
Apratim Mukarji/
Editor: M L Sondhi and Apratim Mukarji
Publisher: Manak Publications
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 465
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8178270617


A distinguishing characteristic of this book is that is looks upon then happenings in Gujarat as both a part of historical truth and as a lesson for humankind to retrieve approaches to conflict resolution and communal harmony.

Thus this book is a work of contemporary history, a manual of conflict analysis and a sociological study.


A Note From the Editors

List of Contributors


The BJP’s Responsibility for the Gujarat Tragedy

Gujarat Riots: When Diplomacy Floundered

The State of Lies and the Lies of the State

The Gujarat Imbroglio

Gujarat: Communal Ghetto or Global Enterprise

India Confronts its Own Intolerance

Narendra Modi’s Gujarat

Gujarat: A Case Study of the Tyranny of Power

The Real Crisis in Gujarat

Ayodhya: A Solution is Not Enough

The Heart of Human Darkness - and Light

Reopening Closed Doors


Forensic Laboratory Report on the Sabarmati
Express Train Incident - Godhra, Gujarat

National Human rights Commission Reports on the Gujarat Riots

Reports of Human Rights Watch ( New York) on the Gujarat Riots

Editor’s Guild Reports on Gujarat Riots

The Gujarat Holocaust: Caveats and Editorials

Order of the Election Commission of India