Sex and Sensuality

Sex and Sensuality

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Author: L C Gupta
Publisher: Srishti
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 307
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187075996


Woman’s body is like a musical instrument, one should know how to play it. Fantasy is the poetry of sex. Is spirituality more important than sex? The primary emphasis in this book is on information and not on advise.

Sex is a biological urge and is of fundamental importance in procreation and entertainment.
Certainly, both functions are relevant. For primitive societies the former predominates, while for the advanced civilizations sex assumes the role of exploring one’s inner self and relieving the bodily tensions.

In other words, advanced societies perceive sex as an instrument of recreation. Indeed, it serves the dual purpose of reproduction and establishing the identities of both sexes. All life revolves around it for obvious reasons. So crucial is the importance of the physical union of two souls and minds through sexual intimacy that the entire life seems to be unthinkable without the sexual union of a mature male and a mature female.

Sex is a source of art, literature and creativity.

Abstinence from sexual activity is detrimental to health.

He wants to see while she wants to feel.

Sex is a vehicle to express and obtain love.



Sexual Relationships

Biology of Sex

Physiology of Sex


Marital Relations

Moderation of Safe Sex


Sex and Aids


Sex Survey: Format and Method

Sex Survey and Analysis