Hymns to the Goddess and Hymn to Kali

Hymns to the Goddess and Hymn to Kali

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Author: Sir John Woodroffe
Publisher: Ganesh & Company
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 335
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185988161


The Goddess or Devi is God in its Mother aspect. The hymns to the Devi in this volume are taken from the Tantra, Purana, Mahabharata, and Sankracarya, who was the incarnation of devotion as well as a great philosopher.

Worshippers of Devi or Sakti are called Saktas. But those who have a true knowledge of Sakti-tattva without which, according to Sastra, Nirvanamoksa is unattainable, will in thought surpass the sectarianism which the terms 'Sakta', 'Vaisnava' and 'Saiva' ordinarily connote.

Whatever forms the Devi assumes in Her aspect with attributes are but her forms. Sadhaka will know Her as Durga or Mahadeva. The Vaisava may consider Her as Visnu in the form of Sakti, or the Sakta may look upon Her as Sakti in the form of Visnu.




Hymn to Kalabharirava

Bhairavi (From Tantra)
Bhuvaneswari (From Tantra)
Adyakali (From Tantra)
Laksmi (From Tantra)
Tara (From Tantra) (From Tantra)
Mahisamardhini (From Tantra)
Annapurna (From Tantra)
Sarasvati (From Tantra)
Durga (From Tantra)
Triputa (From Tantra)

Sarvavisvajanani (From Purana)
Ambika (From Purana)
Candika (From Purana)
Mahadevi (From Purana)
Jagadambika (From Purana)

Durga (From Mahabharata)
Arya (From Mahabharata)
Durga (From Mahabharata)

Tripurasundari (From Sankaracarya)
Ganga (From Sankaracarya)
Anandalahari (From Sankaracarya)
Yamuna (From Sankaracarya)
Devyaparada kshamapana (From Sankaracarya)
Manikarnika Ganga (From Sankaracarya)
Narmada (From Sankaracarya)
Annapurna (From Sankaracarya)
Ganga (From Valmiki)
Mahalaksmi (From Indra)





Verses (1-22)