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Author: Jairam Ramesh
Publisher: India Research Press
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 490
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187943378


This collection of articles represents the corpus of Jairam Ramesh’s columns for India today. Writing under the nome de guerre of Kautilya, originally the author of India’s greatest ancient work on statecraft, Ramesh brings his renowned intellect and humour to bear on the events and characters that have dominated public life over the past five years.

Here the reader will find the pressing economic, social, political and intellectual concerns that grip both India and the wider world analyzed in an unprecedented combination of brevity and clarity. Hollywood, exchange rate mechanisms, federalism and international affairs are discussed alongside the unusual suspects of Indian political life including the future of secularism, the obstacles facing economic liberalization and the intricacies of Budget making. This must read collection from one of India’s most prominent columnists showcases a globalizing India that is often talked about but rarely understood.


Beyond the specific circumstances of the subcontinent, Mr. Ramesh’s argument captured well a wider sentiment. India, like many countries… wants to rebuff or keep at bay American pressure or influence.

-The Economist Global Survey –June 29th 2002

These are some of the best-informed , cogently-reasoned and most outstanding personalities in Indian public life. Jairam lights up Inidan politics and economics and how keeps up with such arrange of issue with consistent brilliance. I always wonder?
-Arun Shourie

Jairam’s articles are excellently researched, clearly and pointedly written and are really first-rate. In some ways , the articles are quite unique in India and are world-class. They show a superb thinker, practioner and co communicator at work
- Bimal Jalan


Macro Economy: The Big Picture
A. Growth
B. Employment
C. Poverty
D. Inflation
E. Trade

Public Finances: India’s Edifice Complex

Farms and Factories: Hot Air, Cold Facts
B.Public Secto

Global Markets : Prince and Prejudice

Praise of Federalism: The State of the States

Partisan Politics: Prayer to a Jogi

Foreign Relations: Not For the Birds
A. Americas
B. China
C. East Asia
D. Europe
E. Pakistan
F. South Asia

International Disagreements: An India That is out of Step

Social Issues: The Way to Go

Notables: Men & Matters

Different Takes