Tales of The Punjab - Folklore of India

Tales of The Punjab - Folklore of India

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Author: Flora Annie Steel
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 326
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171677517


Tales of the Punjab is a rare collection of such folk tales. It is an attempt to translate one colloquialism to another, thereby preserving the fragrance of ready wit and the element of human value typical in these stories.

The repertoire of Punjabi folk literature is rich and variegated. Among the notable efforts to collect and present such material is this treasure trove you hold in your hands. Punjabi fables are narrated in prose, but some of these are interspersed with aphoristic verses. Inanimate objects act, talk and feel like human beings.

The eminent scholar and author of the monumental The Legends of Punjab, RC Temples, has annotated the volume. The form of the book serves dual purpose-the text holding immense interest for children while the notes rendering a valuable service to students of folklore.


To the Little Reader

Sir Buzz
The Rat's Wedding
The Faithful Prince
The Bear's Bad Bargain
Prince Lionheart and his Three Friends
The Lambikin
Princess Aubergine
Valiant Vicky, the Brave Weaver
The Son of Seven Mothers
The Sparrow and the Crow
The Tiger, the Brahman, and the Jackal
The King of the Crocodiles
Little Anklebone
The Close Alliance
The Two Brothers
The Jackal and the Iguana
The Death and Burial of Poor Hen-Sparrow
Princess Pepperina
Peasie and Beansie
The Jackal and the Partridge
The Snake-woman and King Ali Mardan
The Wonderful Ring
The Jackal and the Pea-hen
The Grain of Corn
The Farmer and the Money-lender
The Lord of Death
The Wrestlers
the Legend of Gwashbrari, the Glacier-hearted Queen
The Barber's Clever Wife
The Jackal and the Crocodile
How Raja Rasalu was born
How Raja Rasalu went out into the World
How Raja Rasalu's Friends forsook him
How Raja Rasalu killed the Giants
How Raja Rasalu became a Jogi
How Raja Rasalu Journeyed to tahe City of King Sarkap
How Raja Rasalu swung the Seventy Fair Maidens, Daughters of the King
How Raja Rasalu played Chaupur with King Sarkap
The King who was Fried
Prince Half-a-son
The Mother and Daughter who Worshipped the Sun
The Ruby Prince
Notes to the Tales