A Jewelled Splendour -The Tradition of Indian Jewellery

A Jewelled Splendour -The Tradition of Indian Jewellery

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Author: Asha Rani Mathur
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 96
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171679749


Lavishly illustrated with color photographs from a number of sources, including museum pieces, this book encapsulates one of the greatest of Indian achievements.

For centuries the fabled wealth of India, her gold and gems, brought to her land both merchants and invaders. The tradition of legendary riches went back to antiquity: 5000 years ago, Indian goldsmiths and lapidaries worked in an astonishing variety of materials and techniques; for 3000 years, India was the only known source of diamonds.

This book in five chapters is a look at that tradition, its best-known techniques, its range, its variety, its best-known techniques, its manifestations and significance. From a brief historical overview to an account of contemporary jewellery, from descriptions of courtly jewellery to those worn by rural and tribal peoples, the book is a glimpse of Indian jewellery in its totality.


The cultural expression of India is as varied in style as it is in form and this is due partly to the size of the land, its myriad religions, races, beliefs, customs an its many layered history.

The series combines pieces of this splendid mosaic with an eye on the apparent as well as the hidden nuances; on tradition and continuity as well as the winds of change.


The Ancient Tradition

Metal and Stone

The Great Tradition: North and South

Folk and Tribal Jeweler

Contemporary Jeweler


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