Ghost Stories from the Raj

Ghost Stories from the Raj

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Author: Ruskin Bond
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 170
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171679609


Ruskin Bond’s readers range from nine to ninety. It is fifty years since Ruskin Bond published his first story. He celebrates the occasion with this anthology.

And if there are such things as ghosts there are probably a few who are reading him in the spirit world!

Over the years, Bond’s interest in the supernatural has led him to collect ghost stories from all over the world. As he says in his Introduction, Ghosts don’t require passports. They can turn up without papers in the most unexpected places!

In this collection he presents a picture of a haunted India as seen and described by British writers, officials and travelers during the 19th and 20th centuries. Some ghosts are scary, some sad and some funny. All are entertaining.


Introduction by Ruskin Bond

1.The Wondrous Narrative of John Cambell
Gunfounder to the Mogul Emperors, (1669-70)

2.The Men-Tigers
Lt. Col. W H Sleeman (1844)

3.Haunted Villages
Lt Col. W H Sleeman (1844)

4.The Return of Imray
Rudyar Kipling (1891)

5.The Summoning of Arnold
Alice Perrin (1926)

6.Chunia, Ayah
Alice Perrin(1926)

7.Caulfield’s Crime
Alice Perrin (1926)

8.A Ghost in Burma
Gerald T Tait (1928)

9.There are more things-
A Tale of the Malabar Jungles
H W Dennys(1930)

10.The Aryan Smiles
J Warton and N Blenman(1933)

11.Panther People
C A Kincaid (1936)

12.The Old Graveyard at Sirur
CA Kincaid (1936)

13.The Munjia
CA Kincaid (1936)

14.The Pool
John Eyton (1922)