India - Pakistan in War & Peace

India - Pakistan in War & Peace

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Author: J N Dixit
Publisher: Books Today
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 501
ISBN/UPC (if available): 818747839X


One of the sharpest minds in contemporary diplomacy explores the tempstous New Delhi-Islamabad relationship. He produces a grand sweep of history, embellished with details that only a participant can know, viewed from a perspective few analysts can match.

Born at midnight, fated never to see the sunshine of amity. That, to some, is the India-Pakistan story. Whether it is Kashmir or the nuclear issue or the cricket field, the two seldom seem to agree. A shared culture. Has ever divided, never united.

The sub continental twins went to war within months of becoming independent. Over the following half-century, they’ve fought three other wars, clashed at the United Nations and in every conceivable global forum. Today, a nuclearised South Asia is seen as among the world’s most dangerous places.

Like the Israeli-Palestinian struggle, the Indo-Pakistani rivalry is a legacy of history. It’s roots lie in the Muslim separatist movement of the 1930s and, indeed, can probably be traced back further to the 17th century battle of succession between Dara Shikoh and Aurangzed. It is a complex conflict, with religious and territorial angles, with two diametrically opposed views of nationhood and national imagination. As a conundrum confronting the still young 21st century the India-Pakistan equation has few equals.



1.IC-814 to Kandahar
2.Implications of the Kargil War
3.Tunnel Visionaries
4.Wellsprings of Antagonism
5.From Democracy to Dictatorship and War
6.The Break-up of Pakistan: Mujibnagar to Simla - The Advent of Zia-ul-Haq
7.Coup to Coup: Pakistan, 1972-1999
8.Kashmir: The Intractable Bone of Contention
9.India and Pakistan - Nuclear Weapons States
10.Retrospect and Prospects
11.The Agra Summit and After
12.Uncertainties or Opportunities


1.Pakistan-Birth and Objectives
2.Chronology of Significant Bilateral Meetings
3.Joint Statement
4.Memorandum of Understanding
5.Lahore Declaration
6.Simla Agreement 1972
Agreement on Bilateral Relations between the Government of India
and the Government of Pakistan
7.Tashkent Declaration, 10 January 1966
8.India and Pakistan: Military Balance (Year 2000/2001)