Glimpses of Indian Poetices

Glimpses of Indian Poetices

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Author: Satya Dev Choudhary
Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
Year: 2002
Language: multilingual
Pages: 243
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8126014083


Glimpses of India Poetics, containing 21 essays, would furnish a valuable material on the subject.
The book presented in clear and lucid expression and style is studded with authentic quotations and appropriate illustrations.

The essay ‘A Survey of Sanskrit (Indian) Poetics provides the readers a wide panorama of the history of the subject of about one and half millennium. The definition of Poetry, of course, cannot be presented in well-knit, accurate and precise from. The author agrees with the definition put forth by Jagannatha, though with some modification as Hindi.

The essay the Soul (Essence) of Poetry deals with the topic in much detail and dhvani has been designated as the soul of poetry. The Nature of Aesthetic pleasure and sadharanikarana (The theory of Generalization) expressing a marvelous substance about what the poetic delectation is and how it is achieved by a sahrdaya (compassionate) through generalization.

The essay The process of poetic Creation traces the psyche of the poet about the very moments when he actually becomes absorbed in composing his literary piece of work. The articles Causes of poetry and originality and Plagiarism deal with the creative activity of the poets of different caliber, and the essay Acting, Actor and Spectator denotes how and up to what extent the spectator is influenced by the acting of the actor performing his job on the stage. The other essays, connected with various alamkaras and rasas, highlight and elucidate the academic issues related with them.

The author hopes that through his modest attempt some of the readers may cultivate the desire of studying some of the original texts on poetics written in Sanskrit itself.


1.A Survey of Sanskrit (Indian) Poetics
2.The Causes of poetry
3.The Definition of Poetry
4.The Aim and Purpose of Poetry
5.The Soul (Essence) of Poetry
6.The Nature of Rasa (Aesthetic Pleasure)
7.Sadharanikarana (The theory of Generalization)
8.Srngara(Erotic): The Rasaraja
9.Karuna (Pathetic) and other such Rasas: their Nature of Aesthetic Pleasure
10.Raudra Vs. Vira Rasa (Furious vs. Heroic)
11.Adbhuta (Marvellous) Rasa vs. Adbhuta (Marvellous) Element
12.Santa (Quietistic) Rasa
13.Preyan (Associatic) Rasa
14.Using the words Rasa, etc., by their won names: a Poetic flaw
15.Slesa (Paronomasia) Alkmkara
16.Three Alamkaras; Hetu, Suksma & Lesa
17.Rasavat and other allied Alamkaras
18.Perceptlike Experience in Bhavika Alarmkara
19.The Process of Poetic Creation
20.Acting, Actor and Spectator
21.Originality and Plagiarism
22.Index of Quotations