Indology: Past, Present and Future

Indology: Past, Present and Future

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Author: Saroja V Bhate
Editor: Saroja Bhate
Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 237
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8126014121


This volume is a compilation of seminar papers in which scholars of India as well as abroad have discussed at length the state of Indology in the past, present and future.

Indology which has a history of a little over two hundred years, started and nurtured in the west. It arrived in India along with a few other imported ideologies with the package of modern higher education during the pre-independence period. Since then, a new current of indigenous Indology joined the main current.

With the explosion of knowledge, however, Indology is experiencing a low ebb both in the West as well as in India. Science and technology being the areas of priority in a developing nation like India, Indology will, as any other discipline, take cognizance of the changing face of the world and to adapt itself to the prevailing situation. Some papers of the volume dealt with the fundamental theme of Indology and some devoted to the status reports on Indology in different countries such as USA, Brazil, Russia, Poland, China and Australia.

The topics selected for the seminar offered a wide range of problems based on Indology which is not embracing all aspects of Indian culture. This collection will enable researchers of India and West to work together rather than against each other.



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Idology’s Mistaken Past

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Remarks on Western Terms for Translating Indic Texts

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Indological Studies in Austrila

Philosophy and Philology East and West: Need and Basis for a Global Approach

Oriental Studies, Indology and Epistemology

Indology and Rationality

Indology Beyond Sanskrit-but also including Sanskrit

Orientalism vis-a-vis Classical Sanskrit Literature

Fifty years of Vedic Research Retrospect and Prospect

Interpretation of Interpolations in Critical Editions

What does Indology mean specially for China

The Feasibility of Indian Discourse