Mahatma Gandhi and His Contemporaries

Mahatma Gandhi and His Contemporaries

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Author: Bindu Puri
Publisher: Indian Institute of Advanced Study
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 254
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8179860280


In this volume an attempt has been made to focus on the importance of contextuality in making moral judgments and decisions through an examination of inter-personal relationships which are the real home of moral practice.

It is also self-consciously, multi-disciplinary in approach, which might perhaps be truer to a man who never made boundaries himself.

At the turn of the century Gandhi stands as a beacon light from the past, not because he was a Mahatma but as a man who lived an authentic and effective moral life. This is precisely what makes him such an important figure for moderns to understand.

The question is how the Gandhian legacy can be authentically articulated and recovered. In a crucial sense it seems clear that the moral vision at the heart of Gandhi's thought can be recovered only through his active life in the arena of politics and religion. It is in Gandhi's relationships, in this domain, with the figures of his time that one can locate the meaning of his vision.





Mahatma Gandhi and His Contemporaries: An Overview

1. Gandhi and Tolstoy
2. Gandhi, Nehru and the Democratic-Secular State
3. Gandhi and Verrier Elwyn
4. Gandhi and Ambedkar: Collision of Two Worldviews
5. Gandhi and Radhakrishnan
6. Deenabandhu C F Andrews and Mahatma Gandhi: An Enchangting Friendship
7. Gandhi,Tagore and a New Ethics of Argumentation
8. Indian Nationalism and the Hindu Argument
9. Gandhi and Vivekananda
10. Gandhiji and Lohia: An Intimate and Fruitful Relationship
11. From Sarvodaya to Sampurna Kranti: Some Reflections of Gandhi's Influence on Jayaprakash Narayan

12. Experiments in the Science of peace:
Gandhi and Einsterin
13. Gandhi and Maganlal:
Khadi Science and the Gandhian Scientist

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