Conservation of Cultural Property in India

Conservation of Cultural Property in India

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Author: A S Bisht
I K Bhatnagar/S P Singh
Editor: A S Bisht,/I K Bhatnagar / S P Singh
Publisher: Agam Kala Prakashan
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 265
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8173200432


This Publication is based on the five Volumes (I-V) of Conservation of Cultural Property in India which were distributed among members of the Indian Association for the Study of conservation of cultural property in a cyclostyled form 30 to 35 Years ago.

These volumes have been combined in a book form with the generosity of Dr. Agam Prasad who agreed to publish this publication as a commemoration volume of Prof. G N Pant a friend and eminent museologist of a very high caliber whom we all remember with reverence. His last assignment was as Director and Pro-Vice Chancellor, National Museum Institute of history of Art, Conservation and Museology, New Delhi and all of us were closely associate with him in the Institute.

It is expected that the present publication in a book form would bridge the gap prior to Vol. VI of this journal already printed. The need to make these old issues available at one place was being felt for some time now especially because these contained basic knowledge of conservation techniques as practiced in India during 1966 to 1970 and which are interesting examples showing the development in the field of conservation in India.


Preservation of the wall paintings from the Rang Mahal, Chamba by T R Gairola.

Indian Paintings - their techniques, composition & preservation by B B Lal.

Some observations on the conservation of murals
by H C Bhardwaj.

Chemical treatment and preservation of one thousand pillar temple Hanamkonda, Andhra Pradesh by B R N Sharma

A review of work in conservation in the National Archives of India by R C Gupta.

Synthetic fibers for preservation of paper - a comparative study by Y P Kathpalia.

A clay-coated manuscript in the Gilgit collection by Ranbir Kishore.

Repair and conservation of Birch-Bark manuscripts by P C Majumdar.

Scientific analysis and preservation of a Tibetan Thankha by B N Tandon.

The Conservation of Sainte Catherine in the Baroda museum and Picture Gallery, Baroda by K S Natu.

Report During The Discussion on oil paintings by S Basu.

Use of silica gel for reducing R H on small scale by J L Bhatnagar and Ranbir Kishore.

Naphthalene fumigator by Ranbir Kishore and J.L. Bhatnagar.

Weathering and preservation of stone Monuments by Dr. B B Lal.

Termite Infestation in Record Depositories - Remedial measures by J L Bhatnagar and Ranbir Kishore.

Transfer of a Mural from Kulu by O P Agrawal.

Studies on the building materials of some ancient temples by B R N Sharma.

A cement for the repair of stone objects by N. Harinarayana.

The problem of illumination of the Mural paintings in the rock cut caves at Ajanta by M S Mathur.

Use of vacuum hot table for Conservation by K S Natu.

Analysis of some Moghul wall paintings Materials by J C Nagpall

Insect control in the Museum by Y Sahai

Removal of stains from Photo-prints by V Talwar and Ranbir Kishore

Micro-chemical analysis, Emission Spectrography and metallographic examination of four ancient metallic samples by B N Tandon.

Mechanisation of the Solvent Lamination by Y P Kathpalia.

Notes on some natural Dyes used in India in the early 20th Century by O P Agrawal.

Cross Sectional Studies of Indian mural Paintings -a New approach by M S Mathur.

Stains: Some Physico-chemical Aspects by N Harinarayana

Scientific Investigation of Materials used in the 14th and 15th Century cloth paintings by B N Tandon

Anatomical Study of Wood samples from Art Objects by O P Agrawal and A S Bisht

Chemical treatment and preservation of Marble Screens at Bibi-Ka-Muqbara-Aurangabad by B R N Sharma

Treatment of two Oil Paintings in the Restoration Studio of the national Gallery of Modern Art by S Basu

A thin Paste for Repair and mending: Use of Sarcell HV and sarcell MV by Thakar Dass and Randbir Kishore

Restoration of a Globe by Kamla Mahurkar

Chemical treatment & Preservation of Wooden Ter Gate by B R N Sharma

Relation of Relative Humidity to wall paintings preserved under ground level by Giorgio Torraca.

Mural Wall Paintings - An investigation into the technique of ground by M S Mathur.

A method for the preservation of bulging Mural panel in Situ by B R N Sharma and K V Deore.

Effect of a few commercial insecticides on durability and permanency of Perma-life paper by R C Gupta and C P Mehra

An Approach to preservation of photographic materials by R C Gupta

Non-aqueous deacidigication and conservation of an Indian illustrated manuscript leaf by O P Agrawal and A S Bisht

Dermestid beetles - A threat to museum collections in India by S M Nair

Composition and technique of a miniature painting of Malwa School dated 1640 A D by B N Tandon.

Performance of thin paste prepared with sarcell MV (sodium salt of carboxy-methyl cellulose ) for repair with tissue paper by B L Razdan.

Restoration of a broken painting on glass by N Harinarayana.

Use of ion exchange resin and electric vibro tool for the removal of incrustation by M S Talwar

A study of four polychrome sculptures by O P Agrawal, B N Tandon and A s Bisht
Eradication of bats from cave temples without killing by B R N Sharma and U Gupta.

Some conservation problems in Kathmandu, Nepal, with special reference to the preservation of Bhaktapur murals by Dr B B Lal

The Problems of Conservation in Burma by T R Gairola

Effects of alternate Heating and Cooling on the Physical properties of paper by R C Gupta and Ranbir Kishore

Some unsolved problems of conservation by O P Agrawal

Control of Rat Menace in Libraries, Manuscript Repositories and Archives by Ranbir Kishore and C P Mehra

Conservation of Murals-consolidation of painted Plaster by J S Bisht & M S Mathur

Mounting of weakened textiles by O P Agrawal & A S Bisht

Treatment of Lime Stucoo in Thailand by Arphorn Na Songkhla

Restoration of flood Damaged documents experience at Florence by Y P Kathpaha

Conservation of a Japanese screen by N Harinarayana

Biological Deterioration of Murals - A study on silverfish by D S Sriwastava & M S Mathur

Use of ultra-sonic Apparatus for cleaning of silver-plated coins by A S Bisht & K K Gupta

Restoration of Oil Paintings of the Watson Museum, Rajkot by K S Natu

Notes on the identification of some materials in conservation by Kamala Mahurkar

The deterioration and microbiological studies of Ajanta and Ellora paintings by S T Tilak, B R N Sharma, S R Sengupta & R L Kulkarni

Conservation of murals in the Bamiyan Valley, Afghanistan by B B Lal

Rebuilding the back of a cracked Panel Painting by S Andhare

Preservation of Waterlogged wood of Mauryan Period by M S Talwar

A report on the methods of Conservation of manuscripts in use in Europe by C B Gupta

Use of Commercial synthetic Adhesives in Conservation By B N Tandaon.