Kanaka Dasa

Kanaka Dasa

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Author: Basrur Subba Rao
Publisher: East West Books
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 403
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186852786


This book on Kanaka Dasa is the first comprehensive English translation of his works. In addition to 110 bhakri poems, folk songs and riddles, Kanaka’s satire, Rama Dhanya Charitre, and his philosophical work, Hari Bhakti Sara, have been translated.

This is a trans-creation, a reconstruction of the Kannada original in English to bring out its meaning, spirit and significance. The obscurities and tortuous references of the original have been clarified and intent made explicit and relevant.

A major effort has been made to present the broad religious, social and historical background to Kanaka’s life and works. This is the first time that a correlation has been developed between Hindu scriptures and Kanaka’s poems. His battles against caste discrimination, hypocrisy and primitivism have been highlighted.

Without doubt, this is the first major book that throws brilliant light on Kanaka Dasa in English. In fact, even in Kannada, there is no book to match this one in its sympathetic approach, comprehensive treatment, analytical orientation and insightful understanding of the works of Kanaka Dasa. To my knowledge, we find here for the first time, a successful attempt to formulate the mystic philosophy of Kanaka Dasa based on the Bhagavata.
-Prof. S. K. Ramachandra Rao




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1.Kanaka Dasa-Life and Work
3.The Social Environment
4.On The Dasas
5.Mystic Philosophy
6.Rama Dhanya Charitre