Encyclopaedia of Buddhism:   (Volume XII)

Encyclopaedia of Buddhism: (Volume XII)

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Author: M G Chitkara
Publisher: APH Publishing Corporation
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 660
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8176481912


As part of a 21-Volume series, this study reflects that every one of us is full of anxieties because of this material existence. Our very existence is in the atmosphere o f non-existence. Actually we are not meant to be threatened by non-existence. Our existence is eternal. But somehow or other we are put into asat. Asat refers to that which does not exist. Unless one is awakened to this position of questioning his suffering, unless he realizes that he doesn’t want suffering but rather wants to make a solution to all sufferings, then one is not to be considered a perfect human being. Humanity begins when this sort of enquiry is awakened in one’s mind. Every activity of the human being is to be considered a failure unless he inquires about the nature of the Absolute. Therefore those who begin to question why they are suffering or where they came from and where they shall go after death.

Suffering caused by living entity, due to body identification, due to forgetfulness of Krishna in material existence maya as cause of suffering is the ignorance that misconceives the nature of phenomena and apprehends oneself as self-existent. This ignorance leads us to exaggerate the status of phenomena and crate the categories of self and others. These bring about experiences of desire and hatred, which in turn result in all sorts of negative actions. These in turn bring about all our undesirable sufferings.

The Four Noble Truths- the Buddha’s first teaching, are the truth of suffering, the truth of the origin of suffering, the truth of the cessation of suffering, and the truth of the path leading to cessation. The Buddha’s decision to teach the truths in this sequence has great significance for our practice. In order to underline the importance of understanding that what we ordinarily regard as happiness is in fact suffering, the Buddha taught the truth of suffering.

The truth of suffering at the initial stage may not be very obvious, but as we get close to it, it becomes increasingly self-evident. Something false at the initial stage might seem very vivid and firm, but eventually, as we probe it further, it becomes more flimsy and eventually dissolves. Delusion is separate from consciousness; it is not part of the essential nature of mind. Human existence is said to be the best form of existence to practice the Dharma and try to bring an end to this cycle.


All Avoid Suffering, Aspire Happiness
Bodhisattva in the World of Suffering
The Enlightened
Search for Truth & Non-Violence
Suffering & Transitoriness of life
Existence is Suffering
Dukkha: Key Note with Buddhism
Saddharma Pundarika the Philosophy of Life
Universal Harmony & Tolerance
Lee Way to Adharma
Contentment, the Greatest Bliss
Craving and Desire: The Root of All Human Suffering
Science of Peace, Social, Economic & Spiritual Development
Annihilation of Suffering
Liberation of Suffering Beings through Kalachakra Tantra
Appraisal & Sum Up