A Comprehensive Indian Wedding Planner

A Comprehensive Indian Wedding Planner

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Author: Sarbjit K Gill
Publisher: Bookmark Press
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 316
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0970066104


A Comprehensive Indian Wedding Planner serves as a guide for those couples wanting an unique, personalized, and modern Indian wedding that combines many elements of non-traditional (e.g. bridal showers) and traditional(e.g. sangeet) rituals. With over 300 pages including a 12-page insert, it is the ultimate resource for planning a dream Indian Vivah or Anand Karaj wedding.

Each of the 28 chapters begins with a comprehensive, up-to-date, and detailed background information on every related wedding topic, such as Indian engagements, pre-wedding ceremonies, ceremonial translations, bridal party, Indian fashion, honeymoon, music, photography, flowers and more.

Side bars throughout the planner are filled with helpful wedding tips, money saving ideas,wedding resources, do-it-yourself projects and expert advice from the wedding specialists of the wedding community.

As a workbook, forms, worksheets and several to-do lists are provided to help you keep track of all your wedding details such as expenses, phone numbers, schedules and bridal party duties.

In addition there are over 70 dynamic, black-and-white and color photographs and nearly over 20 drawings that showcase every aspect of traditional and modern South Asian weddings. Photographs also include the lastest wedding fashions by India's top fashion designers.

A directory of over 110 of the finest Indian wedding professionals, stores, vendors and web sites is provided for your convenience.

A 2-pocket folder is included to hold receipts, contracts, brochures or notes.

A Comprehensive Indian Wedding Planner is an easy and fun read that is great for anyone interested in learning about the Indian culture or having an interfaith marriage. Indian weddings described in detail in this planner include: Sikh Anand Karaj, Hindu, Bengali, Gujarati, Jain, Tamil, and Marathi.


1      History of Indian Weddings
2      The History of Hinduism
3      The History of Sikhism
4      Indian Engagement Ceremonies
5      Pre-Wedding Ceremonies
6      The Vivah Wedding
7      Vivah Wedding Variations
8      The Anand Karaj Wedding
9      Your Wedding Timetable
10      Wedding Budget & Expenses
11      Wedding Style & Formality
12      Your Bridal Party
13      Bridal Registry & Gifts
14      Your Wedding Reception
15      Hiring Wedding Vendors
16      Your Wedding Attire
17      Your Wedding Jewelry
18      Wedding Beauty & Health
19      Wedding Stationery
20      Wedding Photography & Video
21      Caterer & Wedding Menu
22      The Wedding Cake
23      Beverages
24      Wedding Entertainment
25      Florist & Wedding Flowers
26      Wedding Transportation
27      Wedding Accommodations
28      Honeymoon

A-1   Wedding Guest & Gift List
A-2   Wedding Resource Guide
A-3 Glossary of Indian Terms