Flavours of the Spice Coast

Flavours of the Spice Coast

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Author: K M Mathew
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 105
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0143029002


The south-western cost of India famous for its spices, has been a cultural melting pot for two thousand years. Jews, Muslims and Christians, merchants and missionaries, came and stayed, adding their influences to the region’s culture and cuisine. Over the years, the traditional produce of the coast –vegetables like yam and tapioca; fruits like coconut, mango and banana; and of course, fish and prawan—has been combined in new and interesting ways in a diverse range of dishes. The recipes in this book draw upon this rich heritage to give us traditional vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare such as Avial, Kaalan, Fish Molee, Chicken Biriyani and Egg Roast. The book also contains recipes for popular breakfast dishes like Puttu and Appam, anytime snacks like Murukku and Banana Fitters, and delicious desserts such as Paal Ada Pradhaman and tender coconut pudding.

From street corner food like Trivandrum Chicken to the more adventurous Fish with Mango and Fish in a Plantain Leaf, here is an exciting array of the very best of cooking from the spice coast of India.



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