Dada Answers - Questions You have always wished to ask

Dada Answers - Questions You have always wished to ask

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Author: J P Vaswani
Editor: Prof. Sampath and Krishna Kumari
Publisher: Sterling
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 337
ISBN/UPC (if available): 812072416X


This book is a compilation of Questions and Answers, collected together from several sessions held all over the world with Dada J P Vaswani - a brilliant orator, a gifted writer, and a living saint in the great tradition of India's seers and sages.

The questions have been brought together under a wide variety of topics which are of great interest and vital relevance to us all. If each question is thought-provoking, every answer is a gem - a capsule of wisdom that is sure to benefit the mind, intellect and soul.

Open the book at random and you are sure a thought worth pondering, or choose a topic you want to know more about - and draw on the benefit of Dadea's profound wisdom.


Compilers' Note

1. Anger
2. Astrology
3. Conversion
4. Dada on Himself
5. Death
6. Discipline
7. Duty
8. Education
9. Faith
10. Fear
11. Forgiveness
12. Friendship
13. Further of the World
14. Bhagavad Gita
15. God
16. Guru
17. Health
18. Hinduism
19. India
20. Karma
21. Liberation
22. Life
23. Love
24. Marriage
25. Meditation
26. Mind
27. Negative Emotions
Complexes Selfishness, Frustration, Worry, Criticism, Hatred,
Depression, Egoism, Violent Dreams, Loneliness
28. Parents and Children
29. Peace of Mind
30. Prayer
31. Religion
32. Rituals
33. Sadhu Vaswani
34. Science and Sprituality
35. Seeker
36. Service
37. Silence
38. Spirituality
39. Stress
40. Success
41. Suffering
42. Temptations
43. Tension
44. Therapy of Cheerfulness
45. Thought-Power
46. Understanding
47. Vegetarianism
48. Vibrations
49. Will power
50. Woman
51. Yoga