Strange But True in Sikhism

Strange But True in Sikhism

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Author: Surindar Singh Kholi
Publisher: National Book shop
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 136
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171162967


This fascinating work includes chapters mostly of paranormal experiences which the author has found in Sikhism. Most of the chapters belong to the spiritual experience.

The invisible sphere has been visualized by the advanced soul. The story of a lady going from Kabul to Goindwal in Punjab everyday for the service of the Guru is very exceptional. She had the power of instant manifestation. A Sikh saint had actually talked with a ghost and obtained his redemption with the continuous recitation of the Sikh Scriptures. One of the chapters describes that there is a huge army of martyrs under the direct supervision of the Guru, which protests the Khalsa in the times of emergency.

Guru Nanak Dev during his lifetime visited Greece, where he came into contact with the followers of the Sophists of the day and he appreciated their thoughts. The Great Guru has also made a mention of the out of the body experience in his verses. There is a lot of Sikh literature covering the Cosmic Massages.


Ball-Lighting in Hari-Mandir
Sophists and Guru Nanak Dev
Out of the Body Experience
Cosmic Message
An Army of Martyrs
Visualizing the Invisible
The Court of Lord-God
The Court of God of Justice
Heaven and Hell
Yama and his City
A Scene of the Couriers of Yama at the time of Death
Protection of Enlightened persons
Dharmaraja, Chitra Gupta and transmigration
The Healing Power of Gurbani
The Powers of Clairvoyance and Instant Manifestation
Spontaneous Human Combustion