Autonomy of Secession - Jammu and Kashmir

Autonomy of Secession - Jammu and Kashmir

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Author: Bhim Singh
Publisher: Har-Anand
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 144
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8124107491


This book provides a scientific analysis of the legal and political questions raised in the autonomy resolution of Jammu and Kashmir.

This is the only book ever written by a jurist who has been involved in the affairs of Jammu and Kashmir for the past forty years. In this book the author has demonstrated conviction and political will to answer some questions which have not been answered by the jurists and the politicians, may be due to their political interests and compulsions. The author has, for the first time brought out the most interesting correspondence between the first President of India and the Prime minister regarding the removal of Maharaja Hari Singh as the ruler of the state. The author has strongly argued that Jammu and Kashmir got merged into Union of India, the moment the monarchy was abolished in Jammu and Kashmir.

The author has argued in favor of abrogation of article 370 from the constitution of India in the best interest of the unity, integrity and sovereignty of India. He has analyzed the consequences of the State Assembly Resolution stating that the Resolution is not seeking greater autonomy but the secession of Jammu and Kashmir from the Union of India When Jammu and Kashmir has its own constitution, own flag and own Criminal and Civil Procedure Code, what kind of further autonomy is demanded by Jammu and Kashmir.


Present form of Autonomy

Horrors of Autonomy

The Autonomy Resolution and its Effects

Autonomy Vs. National Integration

Article 370-Dangerous Interpretation

Sheikh Vs. Jinnah

Foundation of Jammu and Kashmir and Treaty of Amritsar

History of J & K Accession

Standstill Agreement Violated by Pakistan

Article 370 to Rein the Maharaja

The Royal Exodus

Constituent Assembly, A Fraud

Dismissal of Prime Minister Trial of Sheikh and Big

Indian-Sheikh Accord, 1975

End of Autonomy with Sheikh Return to Power

Buddhists' Plight

The Accession and the Merger

Farooq Abdullah's Ruckus

Criminal Silence of the Union

Rejection by Jammu and Ladakh

Pakistan's Locus and Interest

Anglo-American Gameplan

Chinese Agenda

Kashmiri Rulers' Authoritarianism

Unnatural Union of Ladakh, Kashmir and Jammu

BJP's Hidden Agenda!

What Needs to be Done