A Critical History of English Literature - A Set of 4 Vol.

A Critical History of English Literature - A Set of 4 Vol.

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Author: David Daiches
Publisher: Allied Publishers
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 2845
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170230411


This work in four volumes is a splendid work on English literature written with imagination and rare insight.

This second edition of the now classic work has won critical acclaim. To have brought within the scope of one fresh and enquiring mind, as learned as it is imaginative, the whole compass of English literature from Caedmon to D. H. Lawrence is a tremendous and heart-warming feat.

With Zest and love and with a constant sense of exited discovery the writer storms his way through an enormous and complex tradition,, balancing historical background and "pure" criticism to a hair's breadth of good judgment.

This Revised reissue of Prof. Daiches's Critical History is divided into four volumes.



1. Anglo-Saxon Literature
2. The Development Of Middle English Prose and Verse
3. Middle English Literature: Fabliau, Lyric, Dream Allegory, Ballad
4. Chaucer, Gower, Piers Plowman
5. The End Of The Middle Ages
6. The Early Tudor Scene
7. Spenser And His Time
8. Drama From The Miracle Plays to Marlow


9. Shakespeare
10. Drama From Johnson To The Closing Of The Theaters
11. Poetry After Spenser: The Jonsonian And The Metaphysical Traditions
12. Prose In The Sixteenth And Seventeenth Centuries
13. Milton
14. Scottish Literature To 1700


15. The Restoration
16. The Augustan Age: Defoe, Swift, Pope
17. Poetry From Thomson To Crabbe
18. The Novel From Richardson To Jane Austin
19. Eighteenth Century Philosophical, Historical And Critical Prose, And Miscellaneous Writings
20. Scottish Literature From Allan Ramsay To Walter Scott


21. The Romantic Poets 1: Blake, Wordsworth, And Coleridge
22. The Romantic Poets 2: Shelley, Keats, And Byron
23. Familiar, Critical, And Miscellaneous Prose Of The Early And Middle Nineteenth Century
24. Victorian Prose: John Henry Newman To William Morris
25. The Victorian Poets
26. The Victorian Novel
27. Drama From The Beginning Of The Eighteenth Century
28. Twentieth- Century Novel