The Bengalees - Glimpses of History & Culture

The Bengalees - Glimpses of History & Culture

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Author: Samaren Roy
Publisher: Allied Publishers
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 192
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170239818


This fascinating book presents a panoramic view of centuries of ideas, and of the lives and works of some builders of Bengal.

This volume presents a comprehensive account of how Bengal in spite of repeated series of invasions and exploitations of constantly changing monarchies adapted to the new ideas and systems. It discusses how towards the end of the eighteenth century, primarily because of the advent of the new conquerors from the west and consequent impact of new ideas and opening up of the new economic opportunities, a new class of people came into prominence and assumed community leadership.

This book also brings out in a most meaningful way, the conflicts between the protagonists of new liberal thoughts and values and the Bengali orthodoxy showing how the nineteenth century intellectual life of Bengal was influenced by these conflict.

Some of the chapters of the book deal with the roots of Bengali Culture, Buddhism in Bengal, development of composite culture, the Derozians, the Brahmo Phenomenon and the Quest for science.