Spiritual Lessons from Life

Spiritual Lessons from Life

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Author: Rakesh K Mittal
Publisher: Sterling
Year: 1998
Language: English
Pages: 112
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8120719816


In this book, the author has compiled his feelings and experiences at the causative layer, depicting how every event of life is a step towards evolution.

The common concept of human identity revolves round the personality of an individual and that too is often narrowed down to the physical person, which is objective, perceivable and an essential tool for social behavior. But what lies under this exterior is a whole mass of emotions, responses and reaction which activate the physical personality or else the external form is nothing but a mass of dead and inert matter.

These two layers of human personality are clearly discernible even to an outsider. But there is a subtler undercurrent of ideas, thoughts, and impressions which serve as a causative layer to the internal personality and from which the emotions, responses and reactions arise. It is this causative layer, the implicit identity, which completely controls the working of the two former layers of personality to constitute the explicit Human Identity. This may also be termed as a spiritual layer.