Home Remedies - A Set of 4 Volumes

Home Remedies - A Set of 4 Volumes

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Author: T V Sairam
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 1998
Language: English
Pages: 958
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A unique 4-volume reference guide to rediscover a host of herbal cures for the most commonly encountered ailments.

This outstanding work, outcome of over three decades of journeying and interaction with recognized vaids, ojhas and small community physicians attempts to document their indigenous practices, while presenting also the findings of western science that has only recently begun to acknowledge and legitimize them.

Forty of the most common herbs, including well loved familiars like garlic, ginger and mint and the more special saffron, almond and figs, are described here as in local, specialized healing traditions. The botanical profile of each herb is followed by an extensive record of its medicinal uses in particular ailments with detailed notes on its preparations and dosage of each remedy, and an extensive bibliography of research articles.

Designed for easy reference, and accompanied by an extensive bibliography that notes existing scientific research on the medicinal qualities of the various herbs, this work is an indispensable guide to good health for both the lay person and the practitioner of traditional medicine.


Years of research on ancient Indian herblore by T V Sairam is slowly but surely taking the shape of easy-to-use volumes on the medicinal values of the phenomenal wealth the country has in herbs. - The Hindu

An excellent and beautifully produced book, rich in information. The Chapters have been structured thoughtfully. The author has produced an eminently readable and useful book. - Indian Review of Books