Bulhe Shah

Bulhe Shah

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Author: Surindar Singh Kholi
Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
Year: 1990
Language: English
Pages: 90
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


This monograph ably brings out the essence of Bulhe Shah's poetry for the non-Punjabi reader.

Bulhe Shah is considered to be one of the greatest Punjabi Sufi Poets. Although he composed numerous Dohiras, Siharfis, Baramahas, Athvaras and Dohas, it is for his Kafis that he has carved a permanent niche for himself in the history of Indian literature.

Poems mainly of spiritual love, his Kafis depict the various moods of the lover in limpid simplicity. His adoption of the projection of the human soul as a feminine form pining for communion with God lends a certain sharpness and dramatic quality to his verses.

One cannot, however, help notice the impact of Buddhism, neo-Platonism and Sikhism Ion his lyrics. His poetic composition speaks of his great scholarship, humanistic outlook and catholicity of faith. It is for his eminence as a popular poet that even 200 years after his death he continues to be remembered with love by the common reader of Punjabi poetry.



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