Tantra - The Path of Ecstasy

Tantra - The Path of Ecstasy

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Author: George Feuerstein
Publisher: Shambhala
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 314
ISBN/UPC (if available): 1569571309


This valuable book is the first nonacademic but sound and well-rounded introduction to the Hindu Tantric heritage since Sir John Woodroof's pioneering publications of the 1920s.

It corrects many widespread misconceptions and shows Tantrism to be a complex and intriguing tradition that deserves deeper study. Recommended reading for students of Hinduism, Yoga, and spirituality in general.

Tantra - often associated with Kunadalini Yoga - is a fundamental dimension of Hinduism, emphasizing the cultivation of 'divine power' as a path to infinite bliss. Tantra has been widely misunderstood in the West, where its practices are often confused with eroticism and licentious morality. This book dispels many common misconceptions, providing an accessible introduction to the history, philosophy, and practice of this extraordinary spiritual tradition.

The Tantric teachings are geared towards the attainment of enlightenments as well as spiritual power and are present not only in Hinduism but also Jainism and Vajrayana Buddhism. In this book, the author offers readers a clear understanding of authentic Tantra, as well as appropriate guidance for spiritual practice and the attainment of higher consciousness.